The Secret to Content That Sells

by Justin Welsh(

TLDR Understand your customer's journey to create impactful content and sales pitches. Be helpful to gain traction in business.

Key Insights (click to read)

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    Understand your customer's journey: Key to creating effective content and sales pitches is grasping where they are, where they want to go, and their fears and aspirations.

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    Focus on being helpful: Demonstrating a deep understanding of your customer's journey is crucial to gaining traction in business.

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    Address objections and fears: Start with addressing objections and fears in your content to show your ability to overcome challenges and guide customers to a positive future.

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    Identify customer aspirations: Understand your ideal customer's aspirations to create content that speaks to their desired outcomes and motivations.

  • Craft the perfect solution: Develop a clear sales pitch that aligns with your customer's vision of the ideal solution to build trust and showcase your value.

  • Ask open-ended questions: Use open-ended questions to uncover customer motivations, desired outcomes, and the impact of finding the perfect solution.

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    Create tailored sales pitch: Tailor your sales pitch to address specific customer needs and showcase how your solution meets their desired criteria.