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9 Passive Income Ideas - How I Make $27k per Week

by Ali Abdaal

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Short Summary

This video provides nine different ways to generate passive income, including investing in stocks, starting a YouTube channel, creating online courses, writing books, starting a podcast, selling digital products, selling artwork, and monetizing a blog. The video emphasizes that passive income takes time to build and warns against get-rich-quick schemes.

Key Points

  • 💼 Passive income is money that is not directly tied to your time.
  • 📚 Passive income takes a long time to get going.
  • 💰 Investing in stocks and shares is the easiest way to make passive income.
  • 📹 Starting a YouTube channel is easy, but making money from it is harder.
  • 💻 Creating and selling online courses can generate passive income.
  • 📝 Writing and self-publishing books can provide passive income.
  • 🎙️ Starting a podcast can generate passive income through sponsorships.
  • 🎨 Creating and selling digital products, such as designs or templates, can generate passive income.
  • 🖼️ Selling digital or physical artwork can provide passive income.
  • 📝 Creating and monetizing a blog can generate passive income through ads and sponsored content.
  • 💰 On average, revenue per thousand views on YouTube is around $2
  • 💻 To make $100 a month on YouTube, you need 50,000 views
  • 📹 Roughly, 20% of subscribers equal the average view count for each video
  • 🎙️ Starting a podcast is easier than starting a YouTube channel
  • 💰 To make $100 a month from a podcast, you need 4,000 downloads
  • 🔗 Affiliate marketing is selling other people's products and getting a percentage of sales
  • 🌐 Maintaining affiliate marketing requires building an audience
  • 💾 Selling digital products like ebooks and apps can generate passive income