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just drank a $4 bottle of smart water and im still dumb af someone help

by Farza

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Short Summary

The author shares their journey with buildspace and the challenges they faced after achieving their goals. They found inspiration through a song and realized that the act of creating brings joy and fulfillment. They will continue to build and make buildspace better every day.

Key Points

  • 💡 buildspace raised $10M at a $100M valuation in 2022
  • 💡 The company has continued to grow and be successful
  • 💡 The author faced a loss of motivation after achieving their goals
  • 💡 They questioned the purpose of continuing to build
  • 💡 A song by Porter Robinson helped the author find inspiration
  • 💡 The author realized that creating for themselves brings joy
  • 💡 They remembered the happiness and fulfillment from building
  • 💡 The author will continue to make buildspace better and bigger
  • 💡 The last 15 years of building were a gift to feel alive
  • 💡 The author expresses gratitude to their audience